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Free Recipe Cards

We appreciate you and what better way to show it than by offering you the occasional freebie! What? Yes! Totally free. From time to time we might find something we want to share with our entire Heritage Home family. We recognize that you can shop anywhere for your collectibles and home decor so we want to offer you a little something to show you how much we appreciate you taking the time to visit our market and supporting our small business.


There is something special about handwritten recipe cards. The recipe box passed down to me from my mother is packed full of family recipes, many hand written from grandparents, aunts, and various family members who have traded recipes at holiday dinners, pot luck lunches, and the occasional party or gathering. That's why we fell in love with this sheet of old fashioned recipe cards.

Just click on the pdf below and print out the sheet of recipe cards to use the next time you are at a family gathering trading recipes. I promise, you'll treasure them for years to come.


Click here for pdf. 

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